Friday, May 9, 2014

naked soul

You ever slept alone next to the hush of a river?
You ever gazed lonesome at a camp fire?
You ever dance under a cloud of stars?
You ever felt misunderstood by every human being around you? 
You ever walk off into the silence, past all the pretending?
Layer by layer the naked soul,
And no one knows you. 

Onward still...and unknown next 
and again. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Way onward Past!

And he says with all his own judgement
I am in control
and pride swallows
in bitterness wallows
and the dog in the dying day
still will bite
even at the empty hand
the hand that holds at bay
that buries the blade deep in the ground
Then the dog in ships away
to war with hearts
bent perceptions way
but as for me
that I will just be
and freedom frees on bended knee
brightly living
mowing and going
judging not even
for myself was not judged
neither condemned from the true word
sharing his love
 picture in the dirt
raised up with fires and piers
by a high up hand
His peace fills
the deep deep and trodden land
breath billows my sails
the smell of smoke....