Monday, December 30, 2013

...and the dog by his side

he kneels in the dark
in the shadow of the spires
in the passes by of liars
bones bent over stone
and streets dim with despair
his empty hands waits
and wants
and longs
his heart a silent bell
tolling and unknown hell
hidden by the city gates
beating out a sound
a humbled pride
one day will abound
and the dog by his side

circles unbroken
life is full of perceptions of disconnection,
but it's all circles,
though the clocks are sometimes not wound as tightly,
and we are all made of gears of varying degree,
and when the new moon is put rightly,
all these moments circles back to thee. 

Strange? yes it is and was, even we climbed the stairs,
or when I too walked in Prague, and you were there... 

Inxs-Never Tear us Apart (complete version)

from steps in LA
to stones and bones of CZ